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2min Read · 20 Oct 2021

You may have noticed…. with our AISP and PISP licenses also came a fresh new logo and a user-friendly website. Here’s the story behind it, from our first steps as a compliance-driven company to our rapid evolution towards a well-established Open Banking enabler in Europe!


Our company was founded in 2018 by four major banks in Luxembourg, namely Banque Raiffeisen, BGL BNP Paribas, POST and Spuerkeess, in order to solve a growing issue/challenge that all the players active in the financial services industry will have to face: ensuring their PSD2 compliance.

By getting together, the banks created an API Gateway, a “hub”, located in Luxembourg, hence our name… LUX…HUB…get it? The logo was also built to promote and advocate this notion of interconnection and ecosystem, using colors similar to the ones of the founding banks (dark blue and green for Raiffeisen, green for BGL BNP Paribas, green and yellow for POST and dark blue for Spuerkeess). Easy choice, right?


Staying on course and yet evolving rapidly

Now, more than three and a half years after the creation of LUXHUB and after convincing the vast majority of Luxembourgish banks – and beyond – to trust our solutions and use our services, we are the proud holders of the AISP (Account Information Service Provider) and PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) licenses, acquired from the financial services industry regulator in Luxembourg.

In order to fully represent the evolution of the company since its very beginning, from focusing mainly on the topic of compliance to today providing innovative account information and digital payments services, it made sense to freshen up our brand. And be recognized as a much more modern and dynamic brand.

Our main goal was to refresh our identity while reflecting our core values –flexibility, ambition, innovation, and many more. One of the main tasks was also to make sure we kept and embraced our heritage, which we did by remodeling our main colors, going from basic tones to bright and impactful ones.

The reasoning behind our new logo? The four squares (representing the founding banks) are all getting together to create a fifth – and independent – entity, LUXHUB. This new square/entity also refers to the notions of collaboration, connection and innovation we’ve been pushing since our very inception. As you may have heard it in the past in the mouth of our talents: “innovation imposes collaboration”.

As LUXHUB becomes Luxembourg’s first 360-degree Open Banker enabler – giving the opportunity to every single company no matter the industry to enter the era of Open Finance – it made perfect sense for us to display a logo and website that really match our ambition. This fresh identity is therefore more aligned with the broader range of solutions, partners and client base LUXHUB will be developing in the months to come.


As our CEO, Jacques, explains:

Through the new services we plan to provide regulated and non-regulated entities with, and thanks to our modern brand identity, we will be able to reach to a much broader audience: the path to Open Finance becomes clearer, as together, we shape the future of finance.

Stay tuned.


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