Secure & efficient CEDR compliance

CEDR provides Luxembourg’s banks with the most efficient path to Central Electronic Data Retrieval System compliance. Remove the complexity.

CEDR provides Luxembourg’s banks with the most efficient path to Central Electronic Data Retrieval System compliance. Remove the complexity.


Automated & continuous access

The CSSF has imposed an API approach to AML V and the creation of a Central Electronic Data Register. The CSSF must have automated and continuous access to:

  • Data relating to any customer-account holder and any person purporting to act on behalf of the customer,
  • Data relating to the beneficial owner of the customer-account holder
  • Data pertaining to the bank account or payment account, namely the IBAN number and the date of account opening and closing
  • Data pertaining to the safe-deposit box


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Ensure efficient compliance

Built upon the successful development and implementation of our PSD2/XS2A compliance product, CEDR puts banks one step ahead in their compliance journey.

  • Utilizing proven infrastructure
  • Already the trusted partner of multiple institutions
  • Ability to comply with tight deadline
  • Unique competitive advantage within Luxembourg’s financial ecosystem


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Introducing LUXHUB’s CEDR API for IBAN Register compliance

LUXHUB’s CEDR API provides financial insititutions with a simple and secure compliance solution in relation to CSSF Circular 20/747 and Luxembourg’s IBAN Register.   Discover more below:   Discover the CEDR API

Agility, collaboration key to banking compliance

Developing LUXHUB’s turnkey CEDR solution There are a few key characteristics that are intrinsically built within our fabric at LUXHUB, with two of our most dominant traits being our agility and willingness to collaborate. When the CSSF published Circular 20/747 on 24th July 2020, it was these characteristics that enabled us to quickly redirect resources, […]

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CEDR API to support Luxembourg’s credit and payment institutions

Law of 25 March 2020 established a central electronic data retrieval system (CEDRS) related to payment and bank accounts identified by IBAN, as well as safe-deposit boxes, held by credit institutions in Luxembourg.   Supporting Luxembourg’s credit institutions In accordance with the CSSF Circular 20/747, credit institutions are required to put in place a secure […]

Luxembourg financial supervisor turns to APIs for AML reporting

The article published a few weeks ago in Paperjam was clear: the Luxembourg financial supervisor becomes 4.0., “a real time supervisor”.1 In line therewith, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) has decided in its Circular n°20/7472 to impose, to certain supervised entities, the implementation of application programming interfaces (APIs) for AML reporting purposes. This choice […]