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Leaning towards automated and intelligent document processing

1min Read · 26 Aug 2021

Slashing the time spent extracting data from standardized forms – and therefore boosting customer experience – is the central goal of the Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) tool powered by Accenture, which is deployed in the cloud via the LUXHUB platform. Antoine Estievenart (Strategy & Management Consulting Manager at Accenture Luxembourg) explains how this solution can help companies cut data entry processing times – by up to 90% – while also drastically reducing the error rate.

Help to add-value

Deciphering handwriting or extracting information from invoices, accident insurance forms, legal documents, and other standardized work documents is often a low value-adding task. Yet having this data transferred accurately is vital for the efficient and effective processes appreciated by end clients. Accenture’s ICR tool uses machine learning to constantly improve how it renders written and printed information, thus eliminating the need for manual typing and enabling the checking process to begin immediately. It can also handle multiple languages.


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