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FinTech and Finance Innovation 2025: Insights by Jacques Pütz

1min Read · 9 Nov 2021

Our CEO, Jacques Pütz, recently participated in a white paper crafted by The Banking Scene and EBRC, entitled “Finance and Fintech Innovation 2121 – Hybridization Designs the Future of the Finance Industry”.

Below, discover an excerpt of the article which features his insights and vision for the future of financial services, and the collaboration between Fintechs and banks.





Jacques Pütz is the CEO of LUXHUB, a company with origins in PSD2 and Open Banking. With a background in both banks and Fintech, his contributions were very valuable to our expert panel for the report “Finance and Fintech Innovation 2021 – Hybridization Designs the Future of the Finance Industry”.


Founded in 2018 by four major Luxembourg banks, LUXHUB was set up to help banks comply with legal obligations and foster innovation in a mutualized way. No one could expect how valuable these foundations would be two years later.

How banks collaborate…

The pandemic urged banks to speed up their digital transformation, both on the front-end and the back-end.

Overall, the FinTech companies that were most prosperous during 2020 were those that assisted banks in the back-office for more digitalization. LUXHUB is a prime example of how banks have been leaning towards greater collaboration for some time now.

Jacques expects this collaboration between different financial institutions to be more frequent in the future:

The pandemic evidenced that rapid and efficient innovation can be achieved through collaboration – something LUXHUB has been advocating since its very inception. New challenges demand combined efforts.

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